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How to Use the Hide/Reveal Price Feature on WOE-C

WOE-C now allows you to choose whether or not you want dealer prices displayed when working one-on-one with your customers.

The following examples show how you can trigger the hide/reveal function in two separate areas of WOE-C with the simple click of a button.

1) Product Search Results Page

Example 1 shows what your screen will look like after browsing for products using the "PRODUCTS""VENDORS" dropdown menus


To hide the dealer pricing on this page, simply CLICK on the green dollar sign symbol


The price is now hidden. CLICK on the dollar sign icon again (now orange) to reveal the price

2) Individual Product Listing Page

Example 2 shows what your screen will look when navigating to a specific product detail page.


CLICK on the dollar sign icon to hide dealer pricing


CLICK on the dollar sign icon (now orange) to

reveal dealer pricing


Please call your local Arrow Distributing Inc. branch for any questions or concerns.

OMAHA, NE • 800-228-1001

KANSAS CITY, KS • 800-456-1079

DES MOINES, IA • 800-362-2801

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK • 800-382-6606

HAMMOND, LA • 800-776-6609

ELKHART, IN • 800-522-7291

LITTLE ROCK, AR • 855-882-5290

EL CAJON, CA • 800-777-1834

BRIGHTON, MI • 888-225-0225

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